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Walden mayor runs unopposed

WALDEN – The mayor of Walden will be running without an opponent in the March 19 village election.

Brian Maher has been mayor for four years and said he appreciates the apparent confidence of the village’s electorate.

“I hope that everyone is very satisfied and I hope that has a great deal to do with why I am unopposed, but I think it is because I make that effort every single year, every single day, to make sure that my residents are served to the best of their ability and one thing that I try to do all the time is listen to them,” Maher said. “When they call, I am accessible and I think people appreciate that and even if they don’t like the answer to a specific question or concern, they know they can reach me and they know where I stand.”

Mayoral terms are two years in the village of 7,000 residents.