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Indian Point Supporters Urge NRC Panel to Relicense Plant


A week before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board begins several weeks of hearings in Westchester County concerning the relicensing of the Indian Point nuclear power plants, a number of pro-Indian Point people urged the relicensing.

Arthur “Jerry” Kremer, chairman of New York AREA, John Kelly, a retired director of licensing at Indian Point, a Westchester business leader and a former CEO of an independent system operator, all said Indian Point is safe, provides the electricity needed for the region, and is an economic engine.

Thomas Klein, Boilermakers Local 5 business manager, said he has no doubt the plant is safe.

“My members and I know that from working in the plant and seeing the vigorous safety practices,” Klein said. “In fact, being in Indian Point is far safer than driving on Route 287 or Route 9, and if we had any doubt about our safety, we would not work there.”

The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board will not make any decision about the relicensing, but will seek details and evidence on 10 specific issues raised by interveners who challenge the application to keep the plant open.