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Environmental Groups Says Costs of Fracking Are High

Anti-fracking signs

The cost of fracking to harvest natural gas in New York would be high in terms of both the effects on the environment and the costs to the public, according to a report issued Thursday by Environment New York.

The group’s director, David VanLuven, said New York would face the same negatives as other states have when fracking was permitted.

“When we look at fracking across the country we see a legacy of ravished landscape, contaminated drinking water supply, sickened families and that’s not when think is right for New York,” VanLuven said. “When we look at a lot of the media that’s coming out from the big gas and oil companies, we feel that it paints an overly rosy picture of the economic consequences of New York.”

VanLuven said fracking in the Catskills and Hudson Valley would also negatively impact public infrastructure with heavy trucking equipment ripping up the roads.