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Stewart Airport Wants NextGen Radar Center

The national aviation radar system will be converted in the future from ground based radar to a global positioning system (GPS) and the Stewart Airport Commission went on record on Tuesday asking the US Department of Transportation and the FAA to consider locating the so-called NextGen operation at the Newburgh area airport.

Commission Chairman James Wright said it would mean lots of jobs and making Stewart a central point for the new radar system.

“It’s my understanding that there is going to be one main facility and four satellite facilities located somewhere between New York State – to me New York State is Stewart Airport – and Philadelphia, and I assume these four additional smaller sites that tie in with the main site are going to be spread out between here and Philadelphia,” Wright said. “So, we’ll shoot for the big one but be more than happy to be considered for one of the smaller facilities.”

The idea to locate at Stewart came from Orange County Partnership President Maureen Halahan who wrote to top USDOT and FAA officials noting the area has a portfolio of shovel-ready sites.

“In Orange County, we are not constrained by congestion as are more urban counterparts in New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area,” Halahan wrote. “We enjoy wide open, affordable space where development is welcome.”