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CT Congressman Says Obama Will Win, But Not Without a Fight

By Alan Chartock

Albany, NY – Barack Obama is the "odds-on favorite" to win the presidential election, said Connecticut Congressman Chris Murphy, speaking with Alan Chartock on WAMC's "Roundtable."

"I think Obama's going to win, but sometimes I have trouble figuring out how it's going to happen," Murphy said.,br>
"He's going to have to win a couple of difficult races, obviously Pennsylvania and Ohio at the top of the list," Murphy added.

Western and Mountain states will be the biggest challenge for Obama, Murphy predicted.

"You're going to see places like Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico start to show some margins in the polls that make comfortable leads for [Obama] into the fall," Murphy said.

Murphy also said that race would play a factor in the election.

"[Racism is] a reality. I don't think we should be surprised. We are only a generation removed from Jim Crow," Murphy said.