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Paul Elisha: Too high a price to ask

For those of us who have experienced the worst of war, for our nation’s sake and survived it, there can be no greater disappointment than to learn that leaders entrusted with this nation’s defense traded away lives of those they commanded, for personal and political gain.  A spate of recent revelations, some by participants, have publicized this.  Newly minted political aspirants are cravenly pursuing their own shoddy profit, by reshaping what’s already been warped and winnowed to a fiction.

Before the conflicts that produced the sacrifices we believed terribly necessary, a German General – Von Clausewitz – preached that “war is not merely a political act but a continuation of political relations, by other means.”   Now, to our horror, we find some contemporary Americans adding new twists to prove this profitable prophecy.

For those political pilferers who still seek to camouflage willful warfare as necessary for national defense, we should demand special enactments in response to any ‘pro-war’ vote, that mobilize all those who vote in favor, for active military duty in forward combat zones… regardless of age or sex.  If they are physically unable, younger family members should serve in their stead.

One precious drop of American blood is too high a price to ask or pay, for political profit that’s falsely labeled – “Defense.”

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