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Governor Cuomo's High Numbers Continue in NY

Silver & Skelos

Governor Cuomo’s popularity with New York voters continues- in the latest poll he has the highest ratings of any New York governor since the dark days after September 11th.  Capitol Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports…

Mickey Carroll, with Quinnipiac University, says Cuomo’s favorability numbers are the highest for a governor since the days after September 11th, 2001, when then Governor George Pataki received an 81% approval rating. Cuomo’s numbers stand at 71%, the highest yet for the consistently popular governor, says Carroll.

“Governor Cuomo’s approval rating is awesome,” said Carroll.

Governor Cuomo says he believes his popularity is high because people “feel good about the product that they’re getting from state government.”

“Obviously, I’m flattered by the increase,” said Cuomo, who says he takes all poll numbers, good and bad “with a grain of salt.”

There is still some room for improvement, though. Fewer than half of New Yorkers think Cuomo is doing a good job setting policy on education.  

In Albany, I’m Karen DeWitt.