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Supreme Court Weighs Trump Plan To Exclude Undocumented Immigrants In Census Case

At the U.S. Supreme Court Monday, skeptical justices questioned the Trump administration's lawyer over a plan to exclude undocumented immigrants from a key census count — the first time unauthorized immigrants would not be counted for purposes of drawing new congressional districts. While questioning Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall, Justice Samuel Alito said excluding all the illegal immigrants present in the United States "seems to me a monumental task." "I would think you would be...

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Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Gets More Good News

The biotech company Moderna released new data Monday morning that strengthens the case for its COVID-19 vaccine. It concludes the vaccine is 94% effective — and strongly protects against serious illness. Based on these latest findings, the company plans to submit an application for emergency use authorization to the Food and Drug Administration today. They build on Moderna's previously reported findings, based on a smaller number of cases detected in its study of about 30,000 volunteers....

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Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison
Courtesy of the Office of Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison

Poughkeepsie Mayor Tests Positive For COVID-19

Albany, NY – Democrat Richard Neal returns to the Congressional Corner. This time he and WAMC's David Galletly talk about the FCC decision to relax the rules of media ownership and they look forward to what the effects might be on cable and tele-communications companies David asks Richard what his views are on the results of the hearing this past Monday.

Albany, NY – The Roadmap to Peace is on the table in the Congressional Corner today. Richard Neal of Massachusetts is back for a final conversation with David Galletly, about the Roadmap to Peace and democracy in the middle east. David asks Richard how he would grade president Bush's perfomance during these talks.

Albany, NY – For the second time of late we have the pleasure of welcoming someone new to the Congressional Corner, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the City University of New York, Ned Schneier. Alan and Ned discuss party leadership, partisan voting and changes over the years in Congress in this first conversation.

Albany, NY – Robert Simmons of Connecticut, our newest contributor to the Congressional Corner, returns today to discuss his past in the armed services and in the CIA. Robert and Alan also take on the topic of Iraq and weapons of mass distruction.

Albany, NY – Today we have the pleasure of welcoming a new participant to the Congressional Corner ... Robert Simmons of Connecticut's 2nd district! We learn a bit about the second district and Robert's constituents concerns - and then he and Alan jump right into a discussion including the rules of filibuster in the Senate and the future of the Supreme Court.

Albany, NY – The EPA just recently produced a comprehensive review of the State of The Environment. Today Maurice Hinchey of NY's 22nd district joins Alan in the Congressional Corner to talk about it. They discuss the version released by The White House and the resignation of Christine Whitman. Alan opens by asking Maurice to tell us about the report.

Bolton Landing, NY – Robert F. Kennedy Jr will be in Bolton Landing Saturday to help the Fund For Lake George and the Waterkeeper Alliance officially launch the Lake George Waterkeeper program. North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley previews the weekend events.

Albany, NY – Today's topic in the Congressional Corner is the economy. Maurice Hinchey and Alan delve in to cyclical nature of the economy the possble repercussions of the recent tax cuts. Alan opens by asking Maurice about the current rate of unemployment.

Albany, NY – What is being called "a accounting mix-up" could mean big cutbacks in the AmeriCorps program, which provides volunteers money for college in exchange for public service work. NY Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton says an immediate 100-million dollar infusion is needed if the program is to survive. WAMC's Brian Shields has more.

Albany, NY – Some health care workers in New York State have been able to get jobs, despite some of them having criminal backgrounds. New York Governor Pataki and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer are looking to change that. WAMC's Hudson Valley Bureau Chief Allison Dunne has more.


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