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Trump Says He May Quarantine New York, Connecticut, New Jersey: 'It's A Hot Spot'

Updated at 6:49 p.m. ET President Trump says he is "looking at" quarantining New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, which have developed as "hot spots" of the coronavirus outbreak. "We'd like to see New York quarantined because it's a hot spot — New York, New Jersey, maybe one or two other places, certain parts of Connecticut quarantined," Trump said Saturday outside of the White House before departing for Norfolk, Va. At Naval Station Norfolk, the president spoke about the deployment of the...

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WHO Reviews 'Available' Evidence On Coronavirus Transmission Through Air

The World Health Organization says the virus that causes COVID-19 doesn't seem to linger in the air or be capable of spreading through the air over distances more than about three feet. But at least one expert in virus transmission said it's way too soon to know that. "I think the WHO is being irresponsible in giving out that information. This misinformation is dangerous," says Dr. Donald Milton , an infectious disease aerobiologist at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. The...

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Boston, MA – Since early 2001, Massachusetts has lost more than one-hundred-sixty-thousand (160,000) jobs, the biggest percentage drop among the 50 states. Despite the loss of jobs and a stagnant economy in the Bay State, the number of families seeking aid from the Department of Transitional Assistance remains well below the record levels of the early 1990's. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana looks at the numbers and what they really mean for the state's poorest families.

Plattsburgh, NY – Vermont Agriculture officials are closely monitoring news that a Canadian cow has mad cow disease. Officials in New York and Vermont say there's nothing to indicate there will be problems in the Northeast, but are taking precautions none-the-less. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Plattsburgh, NY – The Vermont-based head of a multi-state effort to drive down prescription drug prices is praising a U-S Supreme Court ruling on a program to be implemented in Maine. Advocates of lower drug prices hope it will lead to more states enacting similar price-reducing laws. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Boston, MA – Ninety-six-million-dollars ($96 M) to save the state's discount drug plan is expected to be included tomorrow when the Massachusetts Senate releases its version of the budget for fiscal year 2004. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana reports.

Plattsburgh, NY – This weekend marked the implementation of New York State's strictest-in-the-nation acid rain laws. Although most acid rain emissions are from outside the state, environmentalists say New York's restrictions are a step in the right direction. More from North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley.

Albany, NY – The recent arrest of a Buffalo man, who allegedly sent hundreds of millions of unsolicited advertising e-mails using accounts set up with stolen credit cards, once again brought up concerns about computer security. As WAMC's Brian Shields reports the case also renewed the debate over the e-mail ads often called spam.

Boston, MA – A study released last week shows the New England region being especially hard hit with adult asthma. Of the top seven states with incidence of the disease five are located right here in the Northeast with Massachusetts leading the nation. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana reports.

Albany, NY – As more and more farmland is sold to developers, efforts are underway to protect and preserve farms. One such effort in Albany County will allow an orchard that has operated for four generations to continue. WAMC's Brian Shields reports.

Lenox, MA – About 25 people, many members of the Housatonic Valley Association and other local environmental groups, met with a top-ranking official from the Massachusetts Office of Commonwealth Development to discuss portions of the governor's massive re-organization plan for state government. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana was there and files this report.

Williamstown, MA – The longstanding agricultural heritage of Western Massachusetts has seen a steady decline in the number of working farms dotting the landscape. Now, technology and farming are merging on some Berkshire County farms to keep energy costs down and support the sustainability of local agriculture. Berkshire Bureau Chief Arlen Cellana visited one such operation and sends this report.


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