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51% Show #1158

By Susan Barnett


Albany, NY – The economy has tossed hundreds of thousands of households into upheaval - and that's been bad news for family pets. Shelters around the country are inundated with cats, and with older dogs whose families just can't keep them. Those dogs are hard to adopt out, but there's a program aimed at changing that. Sue Sternberg is the founder of the Rondout Valley Animal Shelter in New York, which also has a national program called Train To Adopt.

8:18 Sue Sternberg

Sue Sternberg is the founder of the Train To Adopt program and the Rondout Valley Animal Shelter. If you're thinking about getting a dog, please go online and look at the dogs at your local shelter. If they offer training, take classes with your new dog. And if they don't, find a local trainer. A few classes together can make all the difference.

Cannes and Sundance may be the best known film festivals to most of us, but film festivals have become an important part of many communities around the U.S. Woodstock, NY, once best known for lending its name to a legendary music festival, hosts a film festival that's quickly becoming as famous in the indie film world as that legendary concert. It was founded by Meira Blaustein more than ten years ago, and we talked about the economy, and the impact of our ability to carry a screen in our pockets.

6:55 Meira Blaustein

Meira Blaustein is the founder of the Woodstock Film Festival. It's being held this year from September 21st to 25th. Find out more at woodstockfilmfestival.com.

Finally, Gilles Malkine continues his profiles of women in history with a singer who could bring her audience to tears, and to their feet.

5:34 Marian Anderson Malkine

Gilles Malkine is a writer and musician. He lives in New York.