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Albany, NY – There's been a lot of attention given the issue of food in the past year or so. With movies like Food, Inc. and books like Eating Animals, not to mention salmonella in ground turkey and the discovery that the FDA doesn't report food as unsafe until it makes someone sick, it's tough to feel safe with mass produced food. But there's another film that's won multiple film festival honors that looks at the issue from a different viewpoint. "Peaceable Kingdom" tells the story of farmers who had a change of heart - and stopped killing animals for food. Filmmakers Jenny Stein and James LaVeck founded a non-profit called Tribe of Heart and Peaceable Kingdom is their second film. Jenny and I talked about how the journey began.

10:55 Jenny Stein Barnett

Jenny Stein is a co-founder of Tribe of Heart and a filmmaker. Tribe of Heart is also very involved in an effort to stop the slaughter of deer in her home community in Ithaca, NY. Find out more at tribeofheart.org

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a small country with big mountains and ancient Buddhist traditions. It's tucked up against the Himalayas between India and China. Bhutan is known for its policy of "gross national happiness," a way of measuring quality of life in non-economic terms. But even here there are serious social ills. Among them: domestic violence. This is something the queen of Bhutan finds unacceptable and she has set out to change people's behavior one pretty strenuous step at a time. Stephanie Guyer-Stevens of Outer Voices reports

6:00 Queens Trek PRX

Finally, our personal finance expert Manisha Thakor is back after a bit of a hiatus. And she's been thinking about how the stress relief that can result from simplifying your life might translate to simplifying your finances.

3:45 Manisha Thakor financial minimalism

Manisha Thakor is a personal finance expert and the founder of the Women's Financial Literacy Institute. Find out more at manishathakor.com.