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51 % The Women's Perspective

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Albany, NY – Studies estimate as many as 6 million people are hoarders - they collect and save to the point where their lives are dominated by their stuff. It's often a problem with the elderly, whose habit of saving escalates into a problem that's not only unsanitary - it's unsafe. But sometimes hoarding is the result of a mental problem. Some studies link it to obsessive compulsive disorder. It's still a mystery and one that is hard to empathize with when it's obvious that collecting has gone out of control.

Melodie's hoarding problem jeopardizes her safety, and her landlord has threatened her with eviction. Elizabeth Chur profiles a woman who's gallantly trying to find a way to cope with a behavior she knows is a problem. She's found some creative answers, but it's an uphill battle.

11:42 Hoarder PRX

That report came to us from producer Elizabeth Chur.

18 year-old Noloyiso Mthana journeys each week from the township of Gugulethu where she lives, to recycle paper from her and her neighbors' homes at Oasis Recycling in Claremont, nearly an hour's ride by train. Noloyiso and Producer Michael Rahfaldt filed this report for Youth Voices From Africa.

5:22 Recycling

That story came to us from Youth Voices from Africa. If you're curious about what kind of recycling IS being done in Africa, go online to Africa.recycle.net and see for yourself.

Finally, Giles Malkine continues his series on women in history with a profile of a doctor who was the unofficial leader of the Omaha people.

4:02 Susan Picotte Malkine

Giles Malkine is a writer and musician. He lives in New York. If you want to find out more about Susan Picotte, go to Nebraskastudies.org. or awomanaweek.com and look for Dr. Susan Picotte.