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Albany, NY – We're eating processed foods, exercising too little, stressing out more, and developing chronic health problems younger and younger. Do you wonder if it's too late to make a change? Susun Weed is an herbalist, teacher and author who is convinced the answer is simple - remember what our grandparents and their grandparents knew about natural medicine. We chatted about herbs, food, and her new book about reproductive health.

8:45 Susun Weed

Susun Weed is an herbalist, a teacher and an author. Her latest book is "Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health - The Wise Woman Way." Find out more at susunweed.com - s-u-s-u-n weed.com. On her site you'll also find a link to a free online course in herbal infusions.

The fast-growing alternative food system is made up of people reclaiming their connections to their food and their health. In his book, Food Rebels, Guerrilla Gardeners and Smart-Cookin'Mamas: Fighting Back In An Age of Industrial Agriculture, forty year veteran of the movement, Mark Winne, introduces us to innovative "local doers" leading the charge. They're defying the authority of the food conglomerates and taking matters into their own hands. Martha Baskin reports.

5:00 Food Guerillas

For a group of retired women in Maine, a garden grows more than just plants. This report comes to us from Katie Enders and the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies.

7:28 Garden Ladies