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Albany, NY – When the water pressure in your sink drops, you look for the reasons. You don't just yank out the faucet. And yet traditional medicine, when dealing with cancer, deals with the cancer and doesn't look at all the factors that have allowed it to thrive.
There are a lot of different views on medical treatment that have grown in popularity, and acceptance over the past couple of decades. And you may be surprised to find out that the greatest collaborations occur when the illness is most serious. Cancer treatment is one area where all kinds of therapies, including alternative treatments' like acupuncture and energy work, are being embraced by traditional Western medicine. Dr. Elizabeth Boham practices functional medicine at the UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts.

8:59 Functional Med Pt 1

Dr. Elizabeth Boham practices Functional Medicine at the Ultra Wellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts and coming up, we'll have more on what we can do to get healthier.

No matter how well we take care of ourselves, there are environmental health impacts that our parents and grandparents just didn't have to deal with. Dr. Elizabeth Boham, a practitioner of Functional Medicine and a cancer survivor, has some tips.

5:23 Functional Med II Boham

Dr. Elizabeth Boham is a cancer survivor and a Functional Medicine practitioner. To find out more, go to functionalmedicine.org.

And finally, leadership expert Selena Rezvani looks at a phenomenon known as gender fatigue - when the workplace begins to lose the will to level the playing field.

5:03 Rezvani

Selena Rezvani is an author and leadership expert find out more at nextgenwomen.com.