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Albany, NY – The news that Egypt's protesters had toppled a thirty year regime was a moment of jubilation here's reporter Heba Morayef on the scene

:19 celebration

Heba Morayef was reporting for Human Rights Watch. But somewhere in that crowd, American reporter Lara Logan was being assaulted by a mob of Egyptian men. It's a story that shocked the world, and particularly shocked Egyptians. The day after the story broke, I heard interviews with Egyptian men who said they believed that if her attackers were found, they'd be killed. I spoke with Marianne Schnall of Feminist.com.

4:22 Schnall Egypt

Marianne Schnall is the founder of feminist.com, an author and a regular commentator on 51%.

In Egypt, women have been speaking up since before the revolution. A story filed last year from Cairo reported on classes to help empower Egyptian women.

(4:40) Egypt sexual harrassment

Three devastating wars in the last three decades have left many Iraqi women as the sole support of their families. And a new generation of educated young women are making the lines for the few jobs available even longer. Joblessness is taking a unique toll on women in Iraq. Jensinga Bretsan reports.

6:49 Iraq workers

That report comes to us from War News Radio.

And what about the women who come to the Middle East from countries with even fewer prospects? Every year, hundreds of thousands of women leave their homes in Asia and Africa for jobs as domestic workers in the Middle East. When they face exploitation and violence, there is little hope for justice. Anne Garrels reports.

4:53 Domestic workers rights

That story comes to us from Rights Watch Radio, produced by Human Rights Watch.