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Albany, NY – Zaineb Salbi is the founder of Women for Women International. She's traveled to war torn parts of the world and done things that people told her were incredibly brave. But when I spoke with her at the Omega women and power conference, she told me that the bravest thing she had to do was tell people about her childhood - and about the man she was told to consider her uncle - Saddam Hussein. Her father was Saddam's pilot and then became a government official. And that, she feared, was who people would see if she admitted that past.

7:20 Zaineb Salbi Barnett

Zaineb Salbi is the founder of Women for Women International and the author of Between Two Worlds, a memoir of her life growing up under the shadow of Saddam Hussein.

Most farmers In Haiti have abandoned rural areas over the past 50 years to go live in the city. But one community in the Central Plateau has managed to restore agriculture and even bring back native crops. Ruxandra Guidi reports on some young Haitians who are choosing to stay in the countryside and help rebuild their country through sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Farming in Haiti 6:04 Ruxanda Guidi

That story came to us from the World Vision Report.

Have you thought about your own future? Do you save for retirement? Do you even know how you should do it or how much you need? Our personal finance expert, Manisha Thakor, has some advice on how to be golden in your golden years.

4:57 Manisha Thakor Golden Girls

You can find out more about Manisha Thakor and her new Women's Financial Literacy Initiative at manishathakor.com
And finally, with Thanksgiving coming up... a lot of us are thinking about prepping the big turkey. Some people will be eating Tofurky instead. They're part of the growing number of vegetarians and vegans whether they're concerned about the safety of our food, the environmental impact of factory farms or choosing a plant based diet because of decision not to eat animals. The food industry is also changing to attract those new diet choices and one result is Tofurkey. It's a meat substitute made out of tofu. Rebecca Williams got a cooking lesson from a devoted Tofurky fan and her meat-eating boyfriend:

2:16 Tofurkey Rebecca Williams