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51 % The Women's Perspective

51% Show # 1083


Albany, NY – The United Nations voted in September to combine four offices and agencies into one super-agency to deal with women issues as human rights issues. But at March's annual meeting on the status of women, the timetable for that creation of that superagency was still not set. Dr. Sharon Ufberg was there, and this is what she saw.

6:17 The Entity Sharon Ufberg commentary

Dr. Sharon Ufberg is a chiropractor, a feminist and a peace activist. She's past board chair of Project Kesher and currently is chairperson of the Board of Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice. She wrote this commentary for our friends at Womens eNews. You can read more at womensenews.org.

Dr. Paula Madrid is a psychologist and researcher who's worked with survivors of tsunamis, terrorist attacks and hurricanes. She recently went to work in Haiti representing the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma and came back convinced that Haiti needs not only help, but empowerment.

7:54 Madrid Barnett

Dr. Paula Madrid is a psychologist and a fellow at the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. The UN Haiti Donors Conference at the end of March organized massive aid for Haiti, as well as the beginnings of a rebuilding strategy.

And finally, Manisha Thakor, our personal finance expert, weighs in with some tips for making the most of the new credit card regulations.

5:05 Thakor

For more tips from our personal finance expert, go to ManishaThakor.com.