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Two-term Congressman Antonio Delgado sworn in as New York's new lieutenant governor
51 % The Women's Perspective

51% The Women's Perspective, Show #1081


Albany, NY – Can you imagine devoting your life to a cause no matter what it costs you? Civil disobedience is a tricky road to navigate - if you break the rules and change results, you're a hero. But if you're not successful - you're a troublemaker. Kathy Kelley has been walking that road, devoting her life to creating peace, protesting war and pushing for non-violent solutions to global conflicts. She has been imprisoned, threatened with fines, and awarded countless humanitarian prizes including a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. She spoke with me from her home in Chicago shortly after the troop escalation in Afghanistan was announced.

9:50 Kathy Kelly Barnett

Kathy Kelly is an award winning peace activist, and cofounder of Voices For Creative Nonviolence. You can find out more at vcnv.org.

Researchers estimate three million children are stillborn every year around the world. Most stillbirths are in developing countries. Yet even in the U.S., researchers say, the fetal mortality right is shockingly high, and there is no explanation..and little discussion. Washington correspondent Laura Iiyama attended a forum held by the Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth:

4:38 Stillbirth Iiyama

We all know that iconic image of Rosie the Riveter - that tough as nails woman who kept the country going during World War II. This year many of the surviving members of the Women's Air Force Service Pilots' or WASPS, were finally awarded Congressional Gold Medals. But there were millions of other women who worked in the war effort - and Kirk Carapezza from Wisconsin Public Radio spoke with one of them - a real life Rosie the Riveter who's now a hundred and five years old.

3:03 Rosie the Riveter Carapezza

And finally, this recession may have forced you to cut back on the number of times you eat out at a restaurant with your family. But most of us still have to deal with the time honored business lunch - or even more expensive, the business dinner. Personal finance expert Manisha Thakor has some tips for putting that business meal on a budget, too.

3:06 Eating Out Thakor

For more from personal finance expert and author Manisha Thakor, go to ManishaThakor.com.