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51% Show # 1029


Albany, NY – This economy is hitting all of us - and the corporate world is no exception. Big business, Wall Street and the traditional corporate model is in the midst of a meltdown. But Cheryl Heller, head of a marketing agency that works with business and non-profits, believes it may be an unprecedented opportunity.

10:07 Heller

Cheryl Heller is head of Heller Communication Design...find out more about them at hellercd.com.

We're a society in upheaval in every area...and one sign is the rising number of grandparents raising children. They face extraordinary pressures in this economy...and many of them are on a fixed income. Advocates say we have to change the system to help them.

4:00 Grandparents

Find out more about Casey Family Programs at casey.org.

Families can mean security, or they can be the source of our neuroses. And sometimes they can be both. Kimberly Kay takes a look at what you might call dysfunction...and realizes maybe it's better called "coping."

2:35 Kimberly Kay

Finally, photographer Tanya Marcuse visits Artspace. She has a series of photographs that question how women are seen...she has photographed fashion mannequins and anatomical mannequins in a way that's vaguely unsettling and very, very beautiful. We met in a coffee shop and she talked about what drew her to her subjects.

4:18 Marcuse

Curious? Go to tanyamarcuse.com t-a-n-y-a-m-a-r-c-u-s-e.com


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