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51% Show # 1017


Albany, NY – Caroline Wadhams is on the national security team at the Center for American Progress. Her special focus is on Pakistan, Afghanistan and terrorism issues. And she thinks if America hopes to broker some kind of peace in that region, or anywhere else, it has to start approaching the problems differently. And none of the world's problem spots have a quick or simple solution.

7:14 Wadhams Barnett

Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are considered the top three overseas challenges for the coming years, according to a report recently filed by Caroline Wadhams for the Center for American Progress. To find out more, go to their website at americanprogress.org.

Coming up on 51%, environmental activism in Kenya...and some thoughts after the holidays.

If you missed part of our show, you can listen to 51% anytime. Just download our podcast at wamc.org or call 1-800-323-9262 to order a CD - you'll need to know the program number. This week's show is #1017. (9:12)

In Kenya, the environment became the mission of a woman whose efforts won her not only a Nobel prize, but has created a movement to empower African women and preserve the continent's environment.
Laura Iiyama reports from Washington.

5:25 Maathi Iiyama

As part of our National Science Foundation "The Sounds of Progress" series, narrator Kate Mulgrew profiles Theo Colburn, a woman that some said started too late to make any important contributions. They were wrong.

2:00 NSF #24 colburn

If you'd like to find out more or hear more in this series, visit www.womeninscience.org.

Finally today, a few thoughts on the holiday season now that the dust has settled. Kimberly Kay thinks it's high time we gave the whole idea a new look.

4:27 Kimberly Kay Home for the Holidays

Kimberly Kay lives in upstate New York.