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51% Show # 1005


Albany, NY – There are some analysts who say the federal government is doing too much to bail out companies that it considers 'too big to fail'. Others say we should do more. Some say it can't get much worse and others say you ain't seen nothing yet. And most of us just don't understand what it all means. Today, get ready for a basic introduction to problems that you're going to have to understand to make informed decisions. Kimberly Amadeo is the guide to the US Economy on About.com...and her passion is making sure women know what's going on.

6:35 Amadeo

We'll have more with Kimberly Amadeo, About.com's guide to the US economy in just a moment. Next, she'll talk about fear...and why it's important for women to get a handle on the crisis.

If you missed part of our show, you can listen to 51% anytime. Just download our podcast at wamc.org or call 1-800-323-9262 to order a CD - you'll need to know the program number. This week's show is #1005.
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Kimberly Amadeo is About.com's guide to the US economy. And she's got some very strong opinions about women and the economy.

7:18 Amodeo

So you have your homework. Check out the Wall Street Journal, the Economist and Barron's. Read Bloomberg's. And go to About.com for Kimberly Amodeo's updates on the US economy at useconomy.about.com.

As part of our National Science Foundation, The Sounds of Progress series, narrator Kate Mulgrew, profiles Grace Hopper. You can thank her for today's user-friendly computer.

2:00 NSF #11 Hopper

If you'd like to find out more or hear more in this series, visit www.womeninscience.org.

And finally today, it's Artspace. Today's guest is a personal favorite because she's family. Renee Byer is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist who works for the Sacramento Bee. She won the Pulitzer for a series of photographs documenting a single mother's efforts to care for her dying son. And Renee Byer is my cousin...I couldn't be prouder. She had a tough childhood...money was tight, she started babysitting at age 11 to save for college and she says she ate an ice cream sandwich for lunch all through high school because she figured it offered her some nutrition in exchange for her 20 cents.
Those struggles, she thinks, helped make her the photographer she is.

6:20 Byer

She's not kidding...she doesn't even have a website. But you can Google Renee Byer or go to www.zumapress.com to see Renee's work.