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Albany, NY – Leslie Wolfe has worked in many different places throughout her career, consistently championing women and minorities. Today, she heads up the Center for Women Policy Studies, a multicultural feminist policy research organization. In the past she's worked to advance women in different divisions of the federal government, rallied for the Equal Rights Amendment, and hosted a radio show.

I sat down with Wolfe at an International Women's Conference in the Berkshires to discuss how her position and views have changed over the years.

Before we move ahead with today's show, Jeanne and I have an announcement to make. This is the last show we will host together. Yes, both of us are ready to enter new stages in our lives, and unfortunately that means saying goodbye to 51%. Which is probably why I chose evolution for this show's theme.

I turned to writer Jessica Herman for words of wisdom about saying goodbye - in her case, the goodbye is to a longtime female friend.

Sometimes, life changes are expected...other times, they silently creep in and then announce themselves in a sudden epiphany. Writer and editor Audrey Manring recently discovered one of those stealthy life shifts.

And now, time to address our own evolution. Over her years as co-host of 51%, Jeanne Neff has brought an immeasurable depth of expertise and wisdom. Not only is she president of the Sage Colleges, with intimate knowledge of education for women, she is politically savvy and possessor of a kind heart.

But with all endings, comes a beginning. Susan Barnett has been tapped as the next host of 51%, taking on the show in addition to her current duties as a bureau chief for Albany member station WAMC. I had a chance to sit down with Susan and ask her about her plans for the show.