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Albany, NY – TO: Program Directors
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DT: FRIDAY, April 6th, 2007

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On this week's program:

A few months ago we told you about Dr. Eric Keroack. Last fall president bush appointed Kerouack chief of family planning programs for the Department of Health and Human Services.

The move caused quite a bit of stir because of Kerouack's stand on a number of issues, particularly contraceptives...which he was reluctant to prescribe ...even for married women...
Jessica Valenti is the editor of the blog feministing.com where she and other writers have been posting about Dr. Kerouack and his recent decision to resign for that post...
Kate Mulgrew has another episode of, Herstory .


Some people live their lives just knowing that one day they'll be a parent. Others are sure that parenthood is just not for them. But for many of us... the decision to have a child...however alluring ...is also very frightening.
For 15 years, author, journalist and activist Rebecca Walker told everyone that would listen that she wanted to have a baby. But in fact, she was wracked with ambivalence. Beyond the practical questions...when, with whom, how to pay for it, she wresteled with other concerns common to women of her 20 and 30 something generation. Brought up to view motherhood with more than a little suspicion, she wondered, will I lose myself, my body, my mind, my options, and be left trapped, resentful and overwhelmed. To compound matters, Rebecca had a tempestuous relationship with her famous mother, the writer Alice Walker and feared the inevitable kickback from such a final and dramatic departure from daughterhood. Her journey through these fears and questions, and into motherhood is chronicled in her new book Baby Love, choosing motherhood after a lifetime of ambivalence. She spoke with 51%'s Joe Donahue about that journy...and how Baby Love came about.


Fears and concerns like Rebecca Walkers are not uncommon. Some of them are talked about openly...but others still seem taboo. Essayist Tara Shafer has been brave enough to share her own, very painful experience in an effort to help other mothers like her, and the people who love them...

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