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Albany , NY – TO: Program Directors
FROM: WAMC, Albany, NY
RE: 51 PERCENT program rundown
DT: FRIDAY, October 27th, 2006

STATIONS: This week's show is 902 Listeners can
purchase a cassette copy by calling 1-800-323-9262.
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On this week's program:
Yes...it is only 2006, but the 08 presidential race
is already heating up, and you can't really have
a discussion about that race without mentioning
Hillary Clinton. The New York Senator and
former first lady is being talked about as the
first viable female candidate for the white house.
Now...you might expect feminists to be thrilled with
the prospect... but Rebecca Traister found that
isn't true across the board. Rebecca Traister
covers gender issues for Salon.com and contributes
to Broadsheet...Salon's blog about women. In a
recent cover story for Salon, Traister
says she was surprised to find mixed feelings among
feminist about a Hillary Clinton Presidency.
She wanted to know why...


Over the last few months we've been following the
lives of women in science through their audio diaries.
First NASA engineer Tracy Drain gave us a close up
look at her work on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
Then we followed marine biologist Lori Polaseck in her
efforts to save the sea lions on the Alaska Coast.
Today we begin a new journey...with MIT Graduate
Student Jennifer Ellsworth.

Jennifer is working on a project that will eventually help
us learn wether or not fusion could be a clean and viable
energy source. Specifically she's been working on
something called the levitated dipole experiment. She
and her colleagues are trying to use fusion to levitate a
1 half ton superconducting ring.. And in the first segment
of a three part audio diary Jen shares with us some of the
personal and professional experiences of a grad student,
working on the nation's newest approach to nuclear fusion.


MIT graduate student Jennifer Ellsworth in part one of her
audio diary. We'll learn more about her work and life
next week. Jennifer's audio diary was produced by
Marianne Rahn-Erickson and made possible by a grant
from the National Science Foundation. You can hear
the audio diary series and other stories about women
in the sciences on line at womeninscience.org. To
order a free cd copy of the audio diary series call
1 800 323 9262 extension 169.

* Note to stations- NSF must be credited as funding this story.


Now, over the last few years, with the help of the
National Science Foundation, 51% has talked a lot
about women in science. And Astrophysicist
Jana Levin says that's fine for us... but it's a
conversation she's had quite enough of thank you...


Jana Levin teaches physics and astronomy at
Barnard College in New York City. She is the
author of the new book, "A Madman Dreams of
Turing Machines", published by Knopf. Her essay
can be found in the September 25th edition of
Newsweek magazine.

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