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Syracuse crews among teams from across Upstate heading to Buffalo

A large yellow truck drives down a snowy road while blowing clouds of snow out of the way.
New York National Guard
The 174th Attack Wing operates a snowblower on I-90 after the Buffalo winter storm.

Crews from Syracuse are joining teams from Albany and Rochester to help snowed-in Buffalo after a deadly winter storm killed more than two dozen people.

The City of Syracuse on Tuesday morning sent members of its Department of Public Works team to help Buffalo deal with the more than 4 feet of snow.

Chief Operating Officer Corey Driscoll Dunham said the crew of "snow warriors" is eager to support Western New York.

"They're ready and willing to work," Driscoll Dunham said. "They have the knowledge, and we have the equipment to lend, but we don't honestly know exactly what conditions they're going to be walking into. But, I can tell you they're ready, they're anxious to help and they're going to do everything they can."

The storm paralyzed Buffalo and surrounding areas to the point there were no emergency services, at times, in several places. Driscoll Dunham said she is hopeful the extra help can dig the city out and clear abandoned vehicles.

"I think with all of these municipalities responding to the call that Buffalo and the State put out, hopefully, within short order, we can get those roads cleared and get that snow out of there, and people can get the resources they need to try and endure the rest of the storm," Driscoll Dunham said.

A man wearing a yellow safety vest stands in front of a large truck.
City of Syracuse
A City of Syracuse Department of Public Works team member prepares to leave and help Buffalo after its winter storm.

Syracuse crews brought two payloaders and six dump trucks for snow removal efforts in Buffalo.

They're not the only local team offering help to the west; about 25 members of the 174th Attack Wing are serving as a debris clearance team. They have helped get medical personnel to work and also brought a massive snowblower to help the region.

Other nearby government agencies are sending crews and equipment, including from Albany County and first responders in Rochester. Their aid comes in time to support the re-opening of major highways in the Buffalo region, including the New York State Thruway.

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