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The Sounds of America: Terry Riley ‘In C’

(Photo Credit: Terry Riley. Courtesy: Sony)
(Photo Credit: Terry Riley. Courtesy: Sony)

Today, our series, the “Sounds of America,” features a piece of music from the mid-1960s.

Terry Riley’s “In C”is one of the25 tracks picked this year to be preserved for all time as part of the National Recording Registry.The Registry houses recordings with historical or cultural importance to America’s history.

Alongside artists like Steve Reich, Philip Glass and LaMonte Young, Riley’s experimental recordings helped pioneer a new movement in contemporary music called minimalism. His ‘In C’ has also influenced the mainstream.

John Cale and Pete Townshend all cite Riley as an influence.Terry Riley’s best-known composition is a conceptual piece written in 1964.

It has been recorded dozens of times and is still performed today.

The Sounds of America is produced by Jennie Cataldo for BMP Audio.  

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