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July 4, 2021 Special Programs

Happy 4th of July Graphic
Ashleigh Lindsay
Happy 4th of July Graphic


9 a.m.

“The Apple Seed: Independence Day 2021” – we’ll read parts of the document behind the celebration, the Declaration of Independence. We’ll also hear the podcast "History that Dosen't Suck" by Cielle Salazar; and stories that will bring you up close to George and Martha Washington and coming across the ocean to America.

10 a.m.

"May the Fourth Be with Us!— American Routes Independence Day Then & Now” - we bring you music of celebration and critique with an hour of words and music from Nina Simone, Randy Newman, Sly Stone and Jon Batiste. Then, the July 4th roots of “American Routes.” The program began with a series of Independence Day concerts held annually at the Washington Monument before the fireworks show on the National Mall. The live broadcast features the best of American vernacular musicians and cultures.

2 p.m.

“Top of Mind - 4th of July 2021 Special” - come July everything is decked out in red, white and blue. And not just for the American flag. Red, white and blue are the most common combination on flags around the world. We research why. We’ll also speak with retired Army National Guard lieutenant colonel and current U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth.