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Your Anti-Anxiety Playlist: Bap Kennedy


And finally today, we're going to leave you with another selection from our no-stress playlist. That's our regular feature showcasing the songs you've told us are bringing you some peace during these uncertain times. Today's pick comes from Twitter user Natalie Nielsen G. (ph). It's a song you may know from the movie "Serendipity." Here's Bap Kennedy's "Moonlight Kiss."


BAP KENNEDY: (Singing) I can feel my heart, and it's fit to burst. I try to clean it up, but I just get worse. Wish I could fall on a night like this into your lovin' (ph) arms for a moonlight kiss. I thought I saw your face in the evening sky on a lonesome cloud that was drifting by. I wish I could fall on a night like this into your loving arms for a moonlight kiss.

MARTIN: Bap Kennedy's "Moonlight Kiss." We hope you'll keep adding to our playlist. We can all use a little peace right now. So if you've got a song that helps you relieve stress, tweet us at @npratc and use the hashtag #nostressplaylist.

(SOUNDBITE OF BAP KENNEDY'S "MOONLIGHT KISS") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.