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An American In Barcelona Reacts To Van Attack


We begin the hour with the terrorist attack in Barcelona. Local officials say 13 people have died. More than a hundred were injured when a van drove into a walkway crowded with tourists. Andrew Roby of Washington, D.C., was near the attack when it happened.

ANDREW ROBY: All of a sudden, we just saw the white van that went into the crowd and, more so, all of the people that just started running, you know, from that location. We just ended up started running because we didn't know what to really think of it. And we were more so, you know, shocked about the situation. But then, you know, coming back to look and see what was going on and assess the area, we saw, you know - I'm not sure if it was a man or woman that was laying on the ground that got hit by the actual van.


Since then, two people have been arrested, and ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.