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10-Year-Old Spots Museum Error


Is there any paleontologist as intense as a 10-year-old dinosaur hobbyist? Ten-year-old Charlie Edwards is one such dino lover. And while on a visit to the London Museum of Natural History with his family, he noticed that a silhouette display of an Oviraptor, a British meat eater with a parrot-like beak, was completely mislabeled. Charlie and his parents told a member of the museum staff, as you would, that they thought the sign was wrong. Charlie, said his mom, has Asperger's Syndrome, and he tends to really dive into topics he loves. She was a little skeptical, saying, OK, we know you're good. But this is the natural history museum.

Charlie, however, was adamant. And a few weeks later, he received a letter from the museum, which read, you are indeed right. The label does not show a correct silhouette for an Oviraptor. The museum said they would update the label. And they thanked him, saying, we really hope you keep your enthusiasm for paleontology. Charlie Edwards decided at the age of 3 he wanted to be a paleontologist. And it's a safe bet this is the beginning of a very long career. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.