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Folk Alley Presents: Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys got their start in 2009 as a traditional bluegrass band in Lansing, Mich. Founding member Joshua Rilko describes the project as an "unofficial bluegrass thesis" to accompany his unofficial late-night studying of the genre.

These days, while still giving a nod to bluegrass and American traditional music, they boldly take their own songs in new directions. They recently stopped by Beehive Studios in Saranac Lake, N.Y., to record songs from their new album, Ionia — an album recorded live in four days in their dining room in Ionia, Mich.

"Hot Hands," the lead track from the album, features Lindsay Lou Rilko (guitar, vocals), Joshua Rilko (mandolin), Mark "Hug.E.Bear" Lavengood (resonator guitar) and PJ George (bass).


  • "Hot Hands"
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