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Divers Retrieve Flight Data Recorder From AirAsia Flight

Update at 11:50 p.m. ET

Divers have retrieved the flight data recorder from AirAsia QZ8501's "black box," Reuters reports.

Efforts continue to find the cockpit voice recorder, says Bambang Soelistyo, the head of Indonesia's search and rescue agency.

Our previous post continues:

An official from the Indonesian search team recovering debris from the AirAsia flight that went down last month in the Java Sea says a "black box" data recorder from the Airbus A320 has been located and that divers will try on Monday to bring it to the surface.

"The navy divers in Jadayat state boat have succeeded in finding a very important instrument, the black box of AirAsia QZ8501," Tonny Budionom, the coordinator at Indonesia's Directorate of Sea Transport, said in a statement. He said divers would be deployed to retrieve the orange-colored recording unit.

Earlier, AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes tweeted:

The Associated Press says "searchers on Sunday honed in on intense pings detected amid a growing belief that the devices will soon be recovered."

"In addition, sonar on Sunday detected a large object in the same vicinity as the pings. Officials initially were hopeful it was the main section of the Airbus A320's cabin, but [Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Indroyono ] Soelistyo said divers confirmed it was instead a wing and debris from the engine."

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