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World Headlines: Ukrainians Protest Government Decision On EU

Ukraine, 5 Kanal

Demonstrators in Kiev's Independence Square were protesting Friday against the government's decision to delay an association agreement with the European Union.

Protesters say they plan to make the rally permanent, but Kiev officials noted that tents and booths were banned in the square.

At issue was the landmark deal on free trade and a political association that would have pushed the former Soviet Republic toward Brussels and away from Moscow.

An agreement was widely expected. As recently as two months ago, President Viktor Yanukovych promised that the deal would be signed. But on Friday, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said an agreement with the EU would have hurt trade with Russia. He suggested that the EU did not offer compensation for that loss.

The government's move was seen as a victory for Moscow.

South Africa, SAPA

"Photo the state does not want you to see" — That's the headline on the story about President Jacob Zuma's home.

South African officials this week warned the media not to publish pictures of the Nkandla home, saying it would break security laws. South Africa's media went ahead anyway.

The government then appeared to backtrack almost immediately.

"Government has no problem with the media publishing pictures of National Key Points, including President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla residence, as it is part of their daily line of duty," a government spokeswoman said. "However, zooming into safety and security features of National Key Points is a challenge as it compromises national security."

Japan, Yomiuri Shimbun

The Coast Guard says a volcanic eruption has created a new islet near Nishinoshima island in Tokyo's Ogasawara chain.

Ships near the area were warned Wednesday about a possible volcanic eruption. The Coast Guard said it would watch the new islet.

The uninhabited Nishinoshima island is about 600 miles south of Tokyo.

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