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Hilma Wolitzer Turns to Domestic Angst

A middle-aged woman awakens one morning to a sense of dread, a malaise so deep that she studiously analyzes her life -- both past and present -- to uncover its source. So begins Hilma Wolitzer's new book, The Doctor's Daughter.

The novel's main character, Alice Brill, is caught between the past and present, between the idyllic life her parents shared and her own failure to duplicate it. A book editor, Alice eventually finds hope as she works with a new writer. But she must also discover more about her own past.

Wolitzer has won both Guggenheim and NEA Fellowships, and previous books include Hearts, Ending and Tunnel of Love. The Doctor's Daughter is Wolitzer's first work of fiction in 10 years. Her first novel was published when she was 44. Her daughter is the best-selling author Meg Wolitzer.

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