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Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer
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Five years after his comeback bid for New York City Comptroller fell short, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is making a rare return to electoral politics today. The Democrat, who resigned the governorship in 2008 during a prostitution scandal, has endorsed former cable news host Dylan Ratigan in Tuesday’s primary for New York’s 21st Congressional district seat. Five Democrats — Ratigan, Tedra Cobb, Emily Martz, Patrick Nelson and Katie Wilson — are running in hopes of facing second-term Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik in November. Spitzer discussed his decision to weigh in on the race and other political issues with WAMC’s Ian Pickus.

A Russian woman who was accused of blackmailing disgraced former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer is seeking to lift a court-mandated gag order imposed as part of her prosecution so she can talk about what she says are Spitzer's fetishes.

Former NY Gov Eliot Spitzer

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer is under investigation by the NYPD after allegedly assaulting a woman. The New York Daily News is reporting that the woman has accused the disgraced Governor of choking her inside a room at the Plaza hotel in New York City. A spokeswoman for Spitzer said there was “no truth to the allegation.”

A new Siena poll shows candidates taking new positions in two New York City political races that have commanded national attention.

The New York Times/Siena College Poll shows public advocate Bill De Blasio, a Democrat, leading the pack in the race for New York City mayor ... Pollster Steve Greenberg says De Blasio has opened up a significant lead over the other candidates.

Dr. Alan Chartock's Morning Commentary

Aug 29, 2013
Alan Chartock

WAMC political observer Dr. Alan Chartock discusses the possibility of U.S. military involvement in Syria and the latest in the New York City mayoral campaign.

Former Governor David Paterson appears to be somewhat conflicted about his role as an official supporter of New York City Comptroller candidate Scott Stringer, and his ongoing friendship with his former partner- in-government, former Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Dr. Alan Chartock's Morning Commentary

Aug 19, 2013
Alan Chartock

WAMC's political observer Dr. Alan Chartock discusses Eliot Spitzer's run for New York City comptroller and former Massachusetts U.S. Senator Scott Brown's future political ambitions.

Pat Arnow

A new poll finds most New Yorkers are ashamed of the candidacies of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer for Mayor and Comptroller of New York City. The Siena College poll also finds that Governor Cuomo, in contrast, is enjoying a minor rebound with voters. 

Spitzer Submits Signatures To Get On NYC Ballot

Jul 12, 2013
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Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has met the deadline to file thousands of petition signatures for his bid to revive his political career by running for New York City comptroller.

Spitzer said that "over 27,000 signatures" were submitted to the city Board of Elections ahead of a midnight Thursday deadline. It came just four days after the tarnished ex-governor launched his campaign.

Spitzer needs 3,750 valid petition signatures to get on the Democratic primary ballot for September.

Poll: Spitzer Quickly Gains Upper Hand In NYC Race

Jul 11, 2013
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The first poll taken since Eliot Spitzer leaped into the New York City comptroller's race shows the ex-governor gaining a quick advantage over fellow Democrat Scott Stringer.

The Wall Street Journal-NBC 4 New York-Marist poll shows registered Democrats favoring Spitzer over Stringer by 42 percent to 33 percent. That includes voters who are undecided but leaning toward a candidate.

Spitzer resigned amid a prostitution scandal in 2008. Stringer is Manhattan's borough president.

For Spitzer, A Scramble To Get On Ballot In NYC

Jul 11, 2013

Eliot Spitzer's 11th-hour comeback campaign to become New York City comptroller isn't just a race to the finish. It's a sprint to the start.

After plunging into the race Monday, the ex-governor has only until midnight to collect 3,750 valid signatures to get on the Democratic primary ballot. Experts say it's a formidable, but doable, task given the narrow time frame.

A Spitzer spokeswoman said Wednesday the campaign is "diligently gathering signatures." She wouldn't comment further.

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is back in the spotlight this week as he has declared a run for Comptroller of the City of New York. 

Spitzer is among a slate of politicians from around the country who are making comebacks after having been embroiled in sex scandals, a list that includes former New York Congressman and now NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, and embattled South Carolina Governor turned Congressman Mark Sanford.


Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is re-entering the political arena, officially launching a campaign for New York City Comptroller.  

Liz Benjamin: Spitzer's Return

Jul 8, 2013

The biggest question about Eliot Spitzer's decision to throw his hat into the New York City comptroller's race isn't why he's doing it - the disgraced former governor has been dropping not-so-subtle hints about his desire to return to public life for years now.

7/8/13 - Panel

Jul 8, 2013


  Today's panelists are WAMC’s Alan Chartock and Newsman Ray Graf and special guest Elaina Newport - producer, original cast member, and one of the founders of The Capitol Steps.  

The Capitol Steps are at The Cranwell Resort in Lenox for the summer with performances through September 1. 

AP Source: Ex-Gov. Spitzer Eying NYC Comptroller

Jul 8, 2013

A person close to former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer says he is planning a return to politics with a run for New York City comptroller.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because Spitzer was only speaking to The New York Times.

Candidates for citywide offices like comptroller have to have 3,750 signatures from registered voters in their party by Thursday.

Spitzer, a Democrat, stepped down from the governor's office in 2008 over a prostitution scandal.

He has spoken in the past about the potential for the comptroller's job.

Senator Edward Markey
Senator Edward Markey

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Edward Markey is defending a planned fundraiser hosted by former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes criticized the decision, saying Markey shouldn't "rub elbows with a man best known for his solicitation of prostitutes."

Spitzer was forced from office in 2008 after he was accused of spending thousands of dollars on high-end prostitutes.

The fundraiser for Markey's Senate campaign is planned for later this month in Washington.

The jobs report last Friday was confusing, to say the least. Yes, the core unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent, but a major reason for that was a drop in the size of the workforce—now a mere 63.6 percent of the population, far below what it has been over the past decade. While 146,000 jobs were created, the employment market remains anemic, demand is still low, and median income is still trending flat to down.

Sometimes "who says it" is just as important as "what they say." So it is with Warren Buffett's op-ed in today's New York Times about taxes and the fiscal realities of our budget. 

      Maybe it is the proximity of Thanksgiving that has gotten to me - but here is a really positive take on the year in politics:

The good guys won. And I don't just mean the President got re-elected.

There was more to it - so let's take a closer look at two specific aspects of the political landscape.

First - democracy was elevated.

Yes -- that may sound crazy after all the bile and nasty TV ads that buffeted us this year. At the fringe the ugliness was there, as it will always be unfortunately.

If last week was all about politics - and thankfully things turned out pretty well - maybe thisweek we can put ideology and partisanship aside for a moment and apply a more objective,scientific approach to some of the tough issues we face. What do historical records and datasuggest might be the better course for our nation to follow?

Andre Pilarczyk

WAMC’s Alan Chartock is joined by former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. This interview was taped October 21, 2012 in front of a live audience at The Linda in Albany.

Photo: Andre Pilarczyk

At this stage of the race -- with candidates as smart as both President Obama and Governor Romney -- it is safe to say that nothing happens by accident.  So what is the takeaway from last night's foreign policy debate?  

Mitt Romney wanted to obscure differences rather than clarify them, even going so far as to etch-a-sketch away his most hawkish language on Afghanistan and Iran.   But why?

Eliot Spitzer on Gun Control & 2016

Oct 21, 2012

In the last Presidential debate, the question of gun control came up - more specifically assault weapons.  Governor Eliot Spitzer was asked about his views on the issue.

Spitzer was also asked whether or not he sees current governor Andrew Cuomo on the ballot for president in 2016. 

Eliot Spitzer on Fracking

Oct 21, 2012

This afternoon Governor Eliot Spitzer returned to the Capital Region to speak at WAMC's Linda Norris Auditorium. While he and Alan Chartock covered everything from Wall Street and gun control, Gov. Spitzer also commented on hydrofracking., and what it means to have President Obama backing the practice. 

Eliot Spitzer - 2nd Presidential Debate

Oct 18, 2012
Photo: Andre Pilarczyk

Toe to toe, interruption to interruption, like two gladiators they squared off in the arena. Candy Crowley's best efforts to maintain order couldn't survive the testosterone battle that played out before us. It was not only great TV, but a superb debate. The key takeaway: Barack is back and moderate Mitt can't survive careful scrutiny.