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Next month, New York Democrats have to decide if they want to keep Andrew Cuomo on as governor for a third term.

In today’s Congressional Corner, Union College political science professor Brad Hays wraps up his conversation with WAMC’s Alan Chartock.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Pat Bradley/WAMC

Hours before President Trump announced his choice to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, Governor Andrew Cuomo railed against the selection. He also signed an executive order to help protect the reproductive choice rights of New York’s women should a future court overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
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Governor Andrew Cuomo says New York officials will take steps to help detained immigrant children separated from their families, but says he isn’t getting a lot of details from the federal government.

The New York state Capitol
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The 2018 legislative session ended quietly, as Democrats and Republicans in the New York state legislature failed to agree on major issues and exited the capitol until next January. But Governor Andrew Cuomo is now leaving the door open to calling them back.

NYS Party Conventions This Week

May 21, 2018

Both major political parties hold their conventions later this week.


Attendance at state parks rose last year once again, with 71.5 million visitors to parks and historic sites across New York state.

Cuomo Releases Bill To End Carried Interest Loophole

Jan 18, 2018
Governor Andrew Cuomo
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Reaction is coming in after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced legislation to end what’s known as the carried interest loophole, a measure long sought by the left of the governor’s Democratic Party.

Reports: FBI Probing Cuomo Hiring Practices

Dec 8, 2017
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

According to published reports, some of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s hiring practices are the subject of an FBI investigation.

rail tanker cars
Protect the Adirondacks

The Saratoga and North Creek Railroad has brought the first tanker cars it plans to park on a siding in the Adirondacks.  Environmental groups opposing the plan got a boost this week when Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke against the idea.

File: Governor Andrew Cuomo at Norsk Titanium in Plattsburgh
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Norsk Titanium is the only company that manufactures FAA-approved structural titanium components for the aerospace industry using a patented rapid plasma 3D printing technique.  Based in Norway, its global manufacturing facility is located in Plattsburgh.  On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo visited the plant and officially dedicated the facility.

Three Weeks Left In Legislative Session In Albany

Jun 5, 2017
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

The New York state legislature is back at the capitol for three weeks of meetings before the session ends later in June.  A number of advocacy groups say there’s an opportunity for lawmakers to act to address some of the harm that they say President Trump’s policies are causing.  But divisions in the legislature may hinder any chance of achievements.

Governor Andrew Cuomo outlines North Country budget initaitives
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo outlined his proposed state spending plan to a North Country audience Monday, highlighting what he says are the plan’s benefits for the upstate region and announcing plans to enhance tourism venues in the Adirondacks.

So we’re going to start out close to home this week. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently toured the state promoting his legislative plans for the New Year. He spent a lot of that time talking about education…and leaders around the state noticed.

Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll hear reaction to education policy changes in the Empire State.

Then it’s off to the UK to hear how scientists are trying to repair defects in DNA with gene splicing…and we’ll spend an Academic Minute learning fertility from a fruit fly.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Pat Bradley/WAMC

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ended his six-city state of the state tour, speaking according to his estimates, for nine hours total, and traveling over 1,200 miles, with one emergency helicopter landing thrown in for good measure.

Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office has confirmed it’s doing away with an Albany tradition this year: the State of the State address. Cuomo’s office said Monday that instead of the typical annual address that brings both houses of the legislature and state elected officials together, Cuomo will deliver “regional” addresses during the second week of January. Cuomo’s office says the second-term Democrat will visit New York City, western New York, the Hudson Valley, Long Island, the Capital Region and Central New York. No other details have been made public. Some lawmakers have said they were planning to boycott the governor’s annual address.

Cuomo Manages Fallout From Corruption Scandal

Sep 29, 2016
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo greets crowd of union workers after speech on raising  the minimum wage at a rally outside the State Capitol on Tuesday.
Karen Dewitt

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is distancing himself from the corruption scandal within his administration and placing the blame on others. But some say Cuomo might be better off making some changes instead.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
WAMC photo by Dave Lucas

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is making some changes to prevent any future bid-rigging in some of his major economic development projects. But critics on both the left and the right say the governor is failing to address the bigger picture, whether the $8.6 billion worth of  programs are an effective use of public monies.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke at Albright-Knox art museum in Buffalo on Friday, one day after nine people associated with  his administration were charged with corruption, and where he for the first time addressed the issue.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo , who has offered only lukewarm support in  the past for his fellow Democrats in their quest to take over the State Senate, this week said he would back Democratic candidates in Senate races.  Cuomo also somewhat reluctantly offered support to his former primary rival, Zephyr Teachout, who is now running for Congress.

Cuomo Downplays Low Job Numbers In Start-Up Report

Jul 6, 2016
Gov. Cuomo in Plattsburgh Wednesday.
Pat Bradley

One of the centerpieces of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s economic development plans has created just a small number of jobs so far, but the governor is urging patience.

Cuomo Proposes Crackdown On SuperPACs

Jun 8, 2016
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
WAMC Photo by Dave Lucas

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing a crackdown on the coordination of candidates for office and SuperPACS that are created to support their campaigns.

 Alain Kaloyeros and Governor Cuomo

Until recently, Dr. Alain Kaloyeros, director of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute, has been the darling of the Cuomo administration. But now, he’s one of the figures at the center of federal and state investigations into alleged pay-to-play schemes for economic development projects, and is increasingly on the outs with the Cuomo Administration. 

Speaker Carl Heastie
Carl Heastie/ Twitter

Expectations for major ethics reform in the state legislature are low, even though both former leaders of the legislature are facing prison time for corruption. With just over a week to go before the session ends, only one measure — to take back the pensions of lawmakers who are convicted felons — seems to be in play.

Cuomo: Not Defensive About Buffalo Billion Probe

May 17, 2016
Governor Andrew Cuomo
Pat Bradley/WAMC

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says a key vote on the next installment of the Buffalo Billion project is merely postponed, not canceled, and he denies that he’s feeling “defensive” about the widening federal probe of his administration’s economic development projects.

Time Running Out On Session In Albany

May 11, 2016
New York State Capitol

Every day for the past two weeks, news reports have focused on a federal probe of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Administration. It comes as both former leaders of the legislature are being sentenced to prison for corruption. Despite that, Cuomo and legislative leaders say they are trying to achieve some agenda items in the closing weeks of the legislative session.

Opponents of a planned fracked gas power plant in the Hudson Valley say they are hoping the US Attorney will investigate decisions made in the permitting process for the plan, now that it’s been revealed that the wife of a former top aide to Cuomo took payments from the lead engineering firm in the project, and that her husband is the subject of a federal probe.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

A spokesman for New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo says the governor still plans to pursue an ethics reform package during the remainder of the legislative session, after news of a federal probe into actions by Cuomo’s former top aide and the governor’s ongoing economic development programs.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s former top aide at the center of a federal probe earned over $100,000 in income from two firms involved in Governor Cuomo’s economic development projects, according to financial disclosure forms.

NYS Assembly

The legislature returns next Tuesday for the final push in a session that ends in late June. Government reformers say with a burgeoning scandal involving potential violations of campaign limits in Democratic Senate races in 2014, and the scheduled sentencing of the two former leaders of the legislature in early May, it’s time to focus on ethics fixes.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

The newly approved New York state budget includes a minimum wage increase that is the result of several compromises.