Troy City Council Rejects Mayor's Budget Proposal

Nov 29, 2017

The Troy city council has voted down Mayor Patrick Madden's proposed budget.

Troy is now facing a $2.9 million deficit for 2018 after the council rejected the first-term Democrat’s proposed solid waste disposal fee. It would have upped the $29 annual trash fee to $190.  “I’m working with my staff to figure out how we move forward from here. This is a council responsibility to present a budget to fund city operations, but I don’t have anything from them and it doesn’t look like it’s coming,” said Madden.

Republican council president Carmella Mantello: “It’s not  doom and gloom. That’s number one.”  Mantello says the council and the mayor have worked out budget differences in the past. She believes the incoming majority Democratic council will work with Madden and come up with a solution.