Travelling 9/11 War Memorial Is On Display In Orange County

Apr 15, 2018

A memorial wall to remember the more than 300 New York servicemen and women killed while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan since the 9/11 attacks, is on display at the Orange County Government Center.

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus helped bring the display to the Government Center with Monroe resident Laurene Allen Sandstrom, who coordinates locations for the memorial. Her brother, Lou Allen of Chester, died in 2005 while serving in Iraq, and his photo and name appear on the “Remember Our Fallen” photographic display. The travelling war memorial was created by Patriotic Productions and Bill and Evonne Ford of Nebraska in 2010. Their son, Sgt. Joshua Ford, was killed in Iraq after the 9/11 attacks and they wanted him and other fallen soldiers to be remembered. The display is scheduled to remain at the Government Center until Memorial Day weekend.