Plattsburgh Officials Consider Options To Rupture Ice Jam

Jan 15, 2018

Following the rapid melting and quick freeze late last week, authorities across the region are dealing with ice jams and related flooding.  Authorities in Plattsburgh spent Monday evacuating a low-lying area in the city near the Saranac River.

An ice jam that started near the Saranac River forced the evacuation or displacement of about 30 residents of the Underwood Mobile Home Park due to flooding.  

City Police Lieutenant Brad Kiroy reports the river is not at flood stage and it appears to be the ice jam that is causing water to back up.  “We’re considering a mechanical clearing of a portion of the jam itself to allow the river to open up to thereby alleviating the bottleneck, if you will, of water that’s coming into the park.”

A warming shelter for residents was set up at the American Legion.