NY Gov. Says He'll Wait For Probe Before Judging Senator Klein

Jan 12, 2018

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in his first public comments since a key state Senate leader was accused of sexual harassment, says he wants investigations to play out before he makes any judgements. 

Senate Independent Democratic Leader Jeff Klein, a Cuomo ally, has been accused of forcibly kissing a former staffer, a charge Klein adamantly denies.

The Senator has asked the state’s ethics commission to investigate, saying he’s willing to cooperate. Cuomo, speaking on Long Island Friday, says he’s also waiting for the results of that inquiry.

"There’s going to be an independent investigation,” said Cuomo, who said he immediately called for an independent probe when he heard of the allegations on January 10. “I think we should wait to see what that investigation says.”

Cuomo, a Democrat, says he thinks “it’s good thing” that women are coming forward, and says he will push for a uniform anti-sexual harassment policy in all branches of state government, as well as set up a private complaint reporting system for victims.