North Country Assemblyman Describes How He Heard About Schneiderman Allegations

May 13, 2018

Last week, New Yorkers were shocked by allegations of sexual misconduct against then-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.  During a stop in Plattsburgh Thursday, 115th District Assemblyman D. Billy Jones describes how he learned about the allegations against his fellow Democrat and his thoughts in the aftermath.

“I had just gotten back to my room from session actually and somebody had text messaged me and said ‘Hey did you see the article?’ Of course we were all looking at the article and read the article and actually had went out to dinner with a few of my colleagues and it was funny we were, well it’s not funny at all, but it was we were watching the progression of it. And I think by the time we got done dinner we had seen the statement that he had resigned. So obviously any kind of violence towards women or towards anybody is unacceptable. I’m happy for his quick resignation when those details came to light. But it’s a sad day.  It really is a sad day for New York. It’s a sad day when our top law enforcement official in New York you know deals with these allegations or these allegations are brought before him. And I along with many of my colleagues are calling for a complete and thorough investigation into this. And now we have to as far as the office itself we have to move on. But it’s very sad. There’s no place for it. I’m glad to see the resignation that came with it because really there’s just no place for that. Especially when you’re in a position of authority like he was.”

Democrat D. Billy Jones represents New York’s 115th Assembly district, which includes Clinton, Franklin and part of St. Lawrence counties.