HV Congressman Introduces Bill To Block Net Neutrality Repeal

Dec 9, 2017

With the Federal Communications Commission set to vote next week on its proposed repeal of net neutrality rules, a New York congressman has introduced a bill to block such a rollback.

Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney has introduced the Save Net Neutrality Act to halt the FCC’s proposed rulemaking process that would result in a final rule dismantling the current regulations. Maloney says his bill would keep the Internet the way it is, in his words, affordable, open and full of innovation. While several lawmakers and others have called upon the FCC to hold off on its December 14 vote, an FCC spokesman has said the vote will take place as scheduled. New York’s attorney general along with FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel say the public comment process has been flawed, with some one million comments possibly having been filed fraudulently.