City Council OKs Contract That Requires Springfield Cops To Wear Body Cameras

Jul 12, 2018

A contract has been finalized that could see Springfield be the first large city in Massachusetts where police officers are required to wear body cameras.

The Springfield City Council voted unanimously at a special meeting Wednesday  to approve the contract with the union representing the city’s 400 patrol officers.  

City Council President Orlando Ramos said it satisfies two council priorities: body cameras and a residency requirement for all new police officers.

" We are paying for  what we asked for, so it is a good deal," said Ramos.

Police officers will receive salary increases of 13 percent over 4 years.   The city will shell out $2 million for retroactive pay to the police officers.

            The city also agreed to a union demand for a peer support counseling program to help officers deal with stress.