$4.4 Million Project Links Rail Trails Separated By Train Tracks

Jun 7, 2018

Pointing to the danger of crossing tracks used by high-speed trains, MassDOT CEO Stephanie Pollack called the new $4.4 million bike trail underpass built in Northampton " an investment in safety."
Credit WAMC

State and local officials participated Thursday in the opening of a new railroad underpass linking heavily-used bike trails in Northampton, Massachusetts.

  MassDOT boss Stephanie Pollack called the $4.4 million project "an investment in safety."

The new tunnel means cyclists and pedestrians will no longer have to follow a lengthy detour route, or take the risk of crossing tracks now used by high-speed passenger trains.

" Some people might look at it and say '$4.4 million is an awful lot of money for something that is not very big,'" said Pollack. "It may not be physically large, but it is a big idea."

Northampton’s network of bike trails are heavily used by commuters, children riding to school, a delivery and hauling service that uses bicycles, and for recreation.